Angela Pumariega and Hannah Bristow are two of the most exciting female atheletes in international sailing. We spoke to both of them about their goals, and how they manage their love of sailing with ‘normal’ life.

Here’s what Angela had to say:

How does it make you feel when you’re out on the water?

Being on the water, its being disconnected from the world. From the moment I’m on board, I’m only concentrated on the boat, the wind, the sails and work to make the boat fast. I know it’s a privilege, I love my job and enjoying the mother nature is wonderful.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Definitely the Olympic Gold medal in Match Race, London Olympic Games 2012. It was a dream come true.

What’s your long-term goal?

What I’m working to now is a very big goal: qualifying for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my family. How they can combine work with family and give the best to us.

How do you manage your time sailing alongside other commitments?

During my day to day, I’m focused in sailing, boat work and physical training. When we finish sailing for the day, and if I have time, I take advantage to study my master of management and direction of sports entities. And the week that we have free for going home, I work in the company for my family helping in the logistics and quality area. The key is to make the most of the time.

Do you think sailing is a male dominant sport? If yes, why?

Sailing is a sport dominated by men. Until the Olympics the gender is more or less equal, but in the ocean races, Americas cup, or in the big events most of the sailors are men. But it’s time of changes and women are gradually more involved in the sport.

Do you think there’s enough female specific product in the sport?

We still don’t have enough products for us, sometimes it’s difficult to find quality products of our size.

What would be the best advice you’d give to a young/new female sailor?

The best advice I can give is the same a good sailor told me when I was young: enjoy every day on the water, give your best and follow your dreams.

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